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what is freeebird?
Where`s BleuBird?  =  what is freeebird?_d0158942_491737.jpg

Where`s BleuBird?  =  what is freeebird?_d0158942_4114516.jpg


Bringing the road to you with a mix of interviews, shows, collaborations, projects, a series of 7” records, and whatever comes up…

Somewhere along the line it dawned on me that I have been spending the last ten years of my life honing a very specific set of skills that don’t add up to anything easily celebrated. Besides the accumulated experience itself, I didn’t have much to show for it aside from some records on the wall, a plethora of contacts scribbled on little pieces of paper, assorted foreign spare change and my golden memories.

I don’t DJ Hypercolor dance parties on south beach or sell out back to back nights at the Bowery ball room, but over the years I have developed a very personal relationship with an extensive web of clubs, bars, houses, shops and whatever else throughout the 50 states. I’ve played, recorded, passed out, left my mark, been amazed, or learned something all along.

I can tell you what the cat’s name was at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, or how to get to rubber gloves from Denton General, but what good is that in the “real world.” Every kid just wants to make his parents proud, and although my parents acknowledge that I’ve done some pretty amazing things, but as is their job, they wonder “what kind of a career does this qualify me for?”

And that’s the point: I have never stopped learning – how to roam, how to live on the road, how to utilize public spaces or navigate trouble. These are my skills and this new venture is what I’ve been groomed for. It’s the only thing.

In my ten years of travel I have seen some amazing places, met some unforgettable characters, heard some unbelievable stories, and made some life-long friends. There’s an incredible network in this country that needs to be brought to light.

I got tired of blowing through town for a day and not being able to really spend quality time anywhere – or earnestly trying to re-tell the stories to friends and family at home who couldn’t quite get it because they weren’t there. I can recall countless times sitting alone on a train thinking I wish there was somebody here to experience this with me. So I sought to change the way I tour.

If people can’t come with me on my adventures, then why not bring the adventure to them? YouTube is our generation’s MTV: everything brought to you instantly, as it happens. Magical moments are captured on film and shared with the world. I want to rediscover America in all its splendor – to create something in the vein of Anthony Bourdain and Dave Attell, but that pertains more to my world: a world where names like 2MEX and M. Sayyid hold water, and bands like Deerhoof and TV on the Radio are king. So I’m making a show that not only showcases the people and places that I already know, but also seeks out the unknown – exciting, strange and beautiful.

Thanks to my friends at Grimm Image records I am free to roam the open road. Everybody dreams of it but most don’t get the opportunity. I lived abroad for three years and now I’m back to live the American dream, from the Rockies to the Walmarts: a freebird – a nod to my southern roots. Throw in an extra “e” for good measure and you have me, armed with dual flips and a suped-up born free motor coach, headed full bore towards the action. Freeebird. Now it’s time to take this show on the road, and bring the road on home.

(This sentences from bleubird`s web: http://bleubird.org/)

"TriuneGods" 無心でリリックを書く二人:  sibitt and bleubird @Scott Da Ross studio

Where`s BleuBird?  =  what is freeebird?_d0158942_4102161.jpg

ele-king Powerd by DOMMUNE | エレキングにて―Horns of a Dilemma EP―のレビュー記事が掲載されました!

志人 ジレンマの角 EP ―Horns of a Dilemma EP― 志人から聴こえるアナーキズム



志人 ジレンマの角 EP ―Horns of a Dilemma EP― 志人から聴こえるアナーキズム   文:二木信_d0158942_13303283.jpg

今日はこれからバンド練習! 高円寺でセッションしてくる!
あいちトリエンナーレ2010 / Aichi Triennale 2010にて
志人×DJ DOLBEEl×ANIMATION (岡田昭憲監督作品)が上映されます。

あいちトリエンナーレ2010 / Aichi Triennale 2010_d0158942_14324096.gif


正式名称 :あいちトリエンナーレ2010 / Aichi Triennale 2010

テーマ :都市の祝祭 Arts and Cities

開催時期 :

2010年(平成22年) 8月21日(土) - 10月31日(日)[72日間]


主 催


あいちトリエンナーレ2010 / Aichi Triennale 2010_d0158942_1433740.jpg

Akinori Okada


期 間

2010年08月21日 ~ 2010年10月31日

「SEA」from YAMAAN's 1stAlbum「12 Seasonal Music」.

「12 Seasonal Music」 is a sale schedule in January, 2011.

PV Directed by YAMAAN




Message from YAMAAN :

2011年1月に発売予定のYAMAAN 1st Album 「12 Seasonal Music」から「SEA」という曲の先行PVが


スガダイロー7days×志人(降神) _d0158942_1434193.jpg

スガ ダイロー (pf)
1974年生まれ鎌倉育ち。学生時代は生物学者を目指すも其の道から挫折、ピアノに転向する。 洗足学園ジャズコースの実技試験にて山下洋輔をアッと驚かし、栄えある一期生として入学。
その後バークリー音楽大学に4年間留学し、帰国後は「渋さ知らズ」や「鈴木勲OMA SOUND」でも活躍。 坂田明・小山彰太などとも共演を重ねている、間違いなく21世紀の日本でただ一人のバリバリのフリージャズピアニストである。
2006年にはDVD『BOYCOTT RHYTHM MACHINE Ⅱ』(Lastrum)に参加、NATSUMENのギタリスト、A×S×Eとの壮絶なセッションで話題を集める。 若手主体のコンセプチュアル・フリーアヴァンギャルド・バンド「REAL BLUE」リーダー。その他にも「ok.hp」「リトルブルー」を率いて活動。
2008年、6月加藤真一とのデュオ・アルバム『ジャズ・テロリズム』(Roving Spirits)をリリース、ジャズ・ファンの間で好評を博す。8月には、満を持して初のリーダーアルバム『スガダイローの肖像』をリリース、ジャズ界に留まらず、コアな音楽ファンの間で物議を醸す。 2009年2月には、デュオのライブ盤『ジャズ・テロリズム《豪快篇》』(Roving Spirits)をリリース。2月には、渋谷wombにてNATSUMEN、JOY HEIGHTSと共演。 あらゆる顔をもつ彼のプレイは、目の肥えたJAZZファンをも唸らせ、日本全国に熱狂的なコアファンが増殖中。 ライブ終演後は体中あちこちから流血するというそのフリー極まりないプレイスタイルから『ハマの狂鍵』の異名を持つ。



スガダイロー7days×志人(降神) _d0158942_14351155.jpg


”GOD COMPLEX” TIOVITA1 (特典MIXCD付き、完全限定入荷)_d0158942_112181.jpg

TempleATS on line shopにて特典MIXCD付きで完全限定入荷中。

Jacket artwork by 戸田真樹

凍結するアンダーグラウンドシーンに神出鬼没な一石を投じたTIOVITA1の勇姿をご堪能あれ.名盤確定。” comment by アナーキーアナライザー