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小町渉 / 戸田真樹 / 浮舌大輔 exhibition \"TANAKA BLDG 3F -show & sell-\"_d0158942_1330895.jpg

7月29日 金曜日11:00 - 7月31日 18:00

Tanaka Building 3F, Kyobashi
2-11-11 Kyobashi
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
affice (Yuki Inoue & Taku Sato) will co-host an exhibition with artist Wataru Komachi in Kyobashi, TOKYO.
Starting from the 29th of July this 3 day show will expose works by Wataru Komachi, Masaki Toda and Daisuke Fujita.

For further details regarding each artist, please refer to the link below.

小町渉 / 戸田真樹 / 浮舌大輔 の3名の作品の展示販売を行います。


"Tanaka Building 3F -Show & Sell-"

term : July 29 / 30 / 31, 2011

open hours :
29th 11:00 – 21:00
30th 11:00 – 19:00
31th 11:00 -18:00

venue address:
Tanaka Bldg 3F, 2-11-11 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

artists : Wataru Komachi / Masaki Toda / Daisuke Fujita

for further information please contact
info@affice.info (Yuki INOUE or Taku SATO)
BLEUBIRD w/ Thesis Sahib, Jesse Dangerously, Sibitt + Math Rosen!
7/23  BLEUBIRD w/ Thesis Sahib, Jesse Dangerously, Sibitt + Math Rosen!_d0158942_037544.jpg

2011年7月23日 · 18:00 - 23:30
In an RV on Victoria Island (Ottawa, ON)


Florida/Montreal/Europe/it​inerant rapper Bleubird is cris-crossing the continent in his retrofitted recreational vehicle, putting on wild, unadvisable shows right where you might least expect it.

With Thesis Sahib, he forms Les Swashbuckling Napoleons, and Thesis Sahib will be there. They have a new album called "FUCK!" and it will be there, too.

With Sibitt and Scott Da Ros, Bleubird forms Triune Gods. Scott will not be there, but Sibitt will!

Thesis Sahib will also be there representing his very own self - an avant garde, post-post-punk and new wave (old wave?) art rap party of one, plus a shockingly important graf artist who has made Canada's face uglier for its own good. Also, who you calling ugly. His new album/art book is called "Before The End."

Thesis and Sibitt do not have a group together.

Jesse Dangerously will be there though!! And he and Thesis are in Backburner together, and Backburner is 20-person-deep hip-hop crew that is about to release its debut album in September, and the two of them help to make it awesome!

Jesse lives in Ottawa but is really from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he is revered (and largely forgotten) as a Genuine Independent Rap Legend, or GIRL. His new album is called "Humble & Brilliant" and it is also a 70-page chapbook with lyrics and a foreword by Buck 65 and illustrations by award-winning comics artists Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim) and Hope Larson (Chiggers).

Also, MATH ROSEN will make some beats happen from 7:00 to 8:00 or so. He's not in a group with anyone, but Jesse keeps saying he will rap on a MATH beat. So maybe one day.

All of these people packed into one mobile camper... with YOU, and speakers, and raps.

One night only, the carnival is in town.

Bring your friends to us.

詳しい模様は帰国後にご報告致します。   志人

what is freeebird


Bringing the road to you with a mix of interviews, shows, collaborations, projects, a series of 7” records, and whatever comes up…

Somewhere along the line it dawned on me that I have been spending the last ten years of my life honing a very specific set of skills that don’t add up to anything easily celebrated. Besides the accumulated experience itself, I didn’t have much to show for it aside from some records on the wall, a plethora of contacts scribbled on little pieces of paper, assorted foreign spare change and my golden memories.

I don’t DJ Hypercolor dance parties on south beach or sell out back to back nights at the Bowery ball room, but over the years I have developed a very personal relationship with an extensive web of clubs, bars, houses, shops and whatever else throughout the 50 states. I’ve played, recorded, passed out, left my mark, been amazed, or learned something all along.

I can tell you what the cat’s name was at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, or how to get to rubber gloves from Denton General, but what good is that in the “real world.” Every kid just wants to make his parents proud, and although my parents acknowledge that I’ve done some pretty amazing things, but as is their job, they wonder “what kind of a career does this qualify me for?”

And that’s the point: I have never stopped learning – how to roam, how to live on the road, how to utilize public spaces or navigate trouble. These are my skills and this new venture is what I’ve been groomed for. It’s the only thing.

In my ten years of travel I have seen some amazing places, met some unforgettable characters, heard some unbelievable stories, and made some life-long friends. There’s an incredible network in this country that needs to be brought to light.

I got tired of blowing through town for a day and not being able to really spend quality time anywhere – or earnestly trying to re-tell the stories to friends and family at home who couldn’t quite get it because they weren’t there. I can recall countless times sitting alone on a train thinking I wish there was somebody here to experience this with me. So I sought to change the way I tour.

If people can’t come with me on my adventures, then why not bring the adventure to them? YouTube is our generation’s MTV: everything brought to you instantly, as it happens. Magical moments are captured on film and shared with the world. I want to rediscover America in all its splendor – to create something in the vein of Anthony Bourdain and Dave Attell, but that pertains more to my world: a world where names like 2MEX and M. Sayyid hold water, and bands like Deerhoof and TV on the Radio are king. So I’m making a show that not only showcases the people and places that I already know, but also seeks out the unknown – exciting, strange and beautiful.

Thanks to my friends at Grimm Image records I am free to roam the open road. Everybody dreams of it but most don’t get the opportunity. I lived abroad for three years and now I’m back to live the American dream, from the Rockies to the Walmarts: a freebird – a nod to my southern roots. Throw in an extra “e” for good measure and you have me, armed with dual flips and a suped-up born free motor coach, headed full bore towards the action. Freeebird. Now it’s time to take this show on the road, and bring the road on home.

by bleubird

Please check his site! : http://bleubird.org/
7/21 Live Hip Hop   LONDON(Ontario)でライブをします。 _d0158942_7562391.jpg

Live Hip Hop

7/21 21:00 - 金曜日2:00
The Black Shire Pub
511 talbot street

Thesis Sahib and Swashbuckling Napoleons
(London Ontario, Florida USA)



Sibitt (Japan)

Richard Catesh and Bo Gus ( Hometown Homie Rap )



and of course the little man that needs no big introduction, DJ Uncle Ando.

I am MOVING AWAY in a week and a half so PLEASE COME OUT and celebrate whilst I play the hot jams for you, it'll be the last time for awhile on the radio and otherwise so PLEASE come and get down with me and say PEACE! - ANDO

Show starts at 10 pm ends at 1 am

$8 with ticket
$10 at Door

>Tickets available Monday July 11th- suggested due to limited capacity.<

>Tickets available at Grooves.
TriuneGods コミック Issue #001\"Aurora Aura\" 公開!_d0158942_4252029.jpg

Issue #001
Written by Jean-Michel Berthiaume
Illustrated by James Kirkpatrick  http://www.jameskirkpatrick.org/

http://triunegods.com/jp/comic/aurora-aura/ (japanese)

here is an over view of the project:

http://triunegods.com/jp/comic/ (japanese)
TriuneGods コミック Issue #001\"Aurora Aura\" 公開!_d0158942_4321750.jpg

世界中の爆発した画家が集い、 TriuneGodsの"SevenDays SixNights"のコミックが続々と完成。

非常に楽しみです。   戸田真樹氏も参加しております!

文章は、Jean-Michel Berthiaume。
絵画は、James Kirkpatrickです。

本日から画家のJames Kirkpatrickさんのお宅でしばらくお世話になります。
今日はこのイベントでIra Lee,Héliodromeと一緒にライブします。_d0158942_12375827.jpg

7月17日(日曜日)カナダ  モントリオール

カナダ時間21:30 - 明日 0:30

Bar L'Absynthe


Ira Lee: After a few months in Europe, Ira is back to show some macho love to his Montreal peeps. This guy just released one of the most exciting records in France with beatsmith Rubin Steiner and has a couple more coming from Europe pretty soon! But it might not cross the Atlantic...as usual. So catch while you can before he embarks on one of his many wonderful journeys through music land!!!!!

Sibitt (Japan): Sibitt was with us last year at Divan Orange and blew everyone's mind. I think he blew his as well because he keeps wanting to come back to Montreal and just fell in love with the city. We're pleased to have him back, especially since he released the amazing Triune Gods record with raper Bleubird and beatmaker Scott Da Ros!

Heliodrome: These guys are taking over. Experimental rap for sure.. Hell we don't even know how to classify them anymore. Expect to catch the 7" they released through Luana Messed Up Records at this show. It's a banger.

Sunday July 17
9:30 pm 5$
L'Absynthe 1783 St-Denis
Héliodrome, Sibitt & Moteurs et Nuages dans la rue des Cascades

7/16  Héliodrome, Sibitt & Moteurs et Nuages dans la rue des Cascades_d0158942_12411060.jpg

2011年7月16日 · 15:00 - 17:00 (カナダ時間)
Osmose - Café des arts, dans la rue pour la vente trottoir
Des Cascades Ouest
Saint-Hyacinthe, QC

Vincent Fournier-Boisvert
ForOsmose - Café des Arts

Spectacle hip-hop / poésie des plus actuel, dans la rue des Cascades!

Free-jazz / hip-hop

HÉLIODROME a vu le jour en 2006, avec la rencontre de Khyro ( membre fondateur du groupe Traumaturges et du collectif Atach Tatuq) et de y.p.l. (tête pensante derrière le Rosemo(u)nt Anti-Quartet et du micro label La Poussière Entre les Sillons). C’est à travers de passions communes qu’ils ont su tisser un lien profond réunissant le free-jazz, le folk, l’improvisation et la science des religions. La musique qu’ils créent ensemble a cette qualité d’échapper au temps et à l’espace pour se situer sur la mince ligne séparant le rêve de la réalité.

Hip-hop anglo-japonais (Mtl)

MOTEURS ET NUAGES (Saint-Hyacinthe)
Poésie musicale et création visuelle par
Olivier Gingras et Vincent Fournier-Boisvert

Construire une belle machine à cordes pour y suspendre ses idées
Pour y suspendre ses illusions et ses délires occasionnels
Pour y pêcher de gros poissons, de grands mensonges exponentiels
Une machine à surprendre le monde et à créer toute sorte de chose
Un machin qui roule, qui boucane et remplit l'art d'un gros nuage
\"Hiro  Kurata\"  Solo Exhibition in Tokyo, “Play the Right Game”_d0158942_12252856.jpg

TriuneGodsのアルバムデザインも手掛けて下さっている私の尊敬する画家:Hiro Kurataさんが
日本で展示をなさいます。  詳細は下記をご覧下さい。

"Hiro Kurata"

Solo Exhibition in Tokyo, “Play the Right Game”


at Gallery COMMON, Tokyo

Sinking boat in a raging sea. People are being ignorant enough to overlook the appearance of the gruesome monster and will never stop the fight. The two Baseball players stood up. To save them? or just to play their own game?
This trilogy piece “Play the right game“, is my take on the modern heroic figure. After seeing the devastating clips of the Japan Quake and the Tsunami, I asked myself, the most simple question once again. “What is really important to me?”
Hiro Kurataさんが日本で展示をなさいます。

"Hiro Kurata" Solo Exhibition in Tokyo, “Play the Right Game”

荒れ狂う海に沈む船、海の向こうからやってきた化け物にも気付かずに争いや歪み合いを止めない民衆。そんな中に立ち上がった2人の野球選手は民衆を助ける のか、はたまた2人のゲームをやり続けるのであろうか。。今年の始めに描き上げたこの3枚の連作、”Play the right game“(正しい試合をせねば成らない)は私自身が思い描く英雄像の投影作品です。何十年、何百年、何千年、そこに有った物が一瞬で無くなっていく映像 などを目の当たりにし、自分にとって本当に大切なモノとは何なのか?それを少しでも解り得る為に描きためた新作を東京のCOMMONにて展示させて頂きま す。

東京都渋谷区神宮前5-11-1 2F / Opening Reception 7.22, 19:00~22:00

Hiro Kurata


Hiro Kurata 「Play the Right Game」

アーティスト:Hiro Kurata
   渋谷区神宮前5-11-1 2F
   11:00 – 19:00
オープニングレセプション:7月22日(金) 19:00 – 22:00


Annonce du End of the Weak (EOW) au Zoofest et présentation/démonstration avec participants live en studio, plus Khyro et Shibit, un rappeur japonais, en entrevue se joignent au epic cypher en fin d’émission


Annonce du End of the Weak (EOW) _d0158942_1359490.jpg

L’émission se poursuit avec la visite de Khyro, membre de Heliodrome,
qui se présente avec un invité spécial avec lequel il entame une courte tournée au Québec; Shibit – dont le flow unique mêlant chant et staccato effréné en laissera plusieurs pantois –
en provenance du pays du soleil levant, plus précisément de Tokyo,
pour annoncer une série de spectacles conjoints, dont ce dimanche 17 juillet à l’Absynthe. Khyro prend le contrôle de l’entrevue, barrière de langue oblige,
et nous raconte comment ils se sont connus et la reconnaissance dont Shibit bénéficie dans son pays; « …on s’est dit qu’on avait un invité de marque, (…)
Shibit c’est un rappeur qui a beaucoup travaillé avec des beatmakers assez connus là-bas, (…) c’est quelqu’un qui est vraiment impliqué au niveau de la scène japonaise, moi je vois ça comme un honneur (de travailler ensemble)… », dit Khyro.
Du côté d’Héliodrome, Khyro nous révèlent les derniers développements pour son groupe, dont la sortie d’un 7 pouces expérimental et l’éventualité d’un projet avec Shibit.
Nous apprenons par la suite la signification du nom de Shibit,
ainsi que les influences musicales qui l’ont poussé à se lancer dans le rap.
L’émission continue sur des pièces japonaises en version originales de Shibit –
à écouter absolument pour tout amateur de rap intéressé par ce qui se fait ailleurs dans le monde – et les deux artistes nous reviennent en fin d’émission pour se joindre aux participants du End of the Weak pour un cypher monumental,
comme il y en a jamais eu à la radio québécoise, en français et du crazy flow japonais inclus, « on met des beats et vous rapper jusqu’à ce que ça ne vous tente plus » étaient les seules règles de DA pour cette freestyle session, que l’ont peut qualifier de epic!